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Order your fully assembled and boxed acquisition unit including 2 x I/O Modules, 2 x HDMI cables, 1 USB cable, and a country-specific power supply unit.

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Flexible and affordable multichannel electrophysiology.

The Open Ephys acquisition board is part of a complete platform for conducting multichannel electrophysiology experiments. And it's entirely open-source. This means you can build it at low cost and modify it to enable new types of experiments.

Industry-standard data quality 
Powered by industry standard Intan chips - stream 256 channels via USB 2.0. 

Standard interfaces  
Use your system with a wide array of headstages, adapters & breakout-boards designed by you and other labs and know that things fit together seamlessly.

Designed by users
The acquisition board was designed to be flexible and productive in practical use.

User-friendly, modular software
The acquisition board works automatically with the Open Ephys GUI, which allows you to visualize and analyze your data in real time with a growing collection of plug-ins.



More information can be found at, and on the Open Ephys wiki:





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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is this different from the RHD2000 USB interface board from Intan?

    The Open Ephys acquisition board has a similar design, with a few key differences that make it more convenient for use in experiments:
    - 5V digital inputs (as opposed to 3.3V)
    - ±5V analog inputs (as opposed to 0-3.3V)
    - BNC connections for auxiliary inputs (as opposed to screw terminals)
    - a shiny case
    - indicator LEDs

  • What else do I need to buy to get up and running?

    You'll need at least one RHD-series amplifier board from Intan (16, 32, or 64 channels), as well as an RHD2000 SPI cable. All of these can be purchased from the Intan website (

  • How long will delivery take?

    Units will ship 6 to 8 weeks after the campaign ends.

  • Will this be fully assembled?

    Yes, this pack is fully assembled and ready to use.

  • What is included?

    1x fully assembled acquisition board (including Opal Kelly FPGA)
    2x assembled BNC I/O modules (for connecting peripheral inputs, such as triggers or analog signals)
    2x HDMI cables (to connect the I/O modules to the acquisition board)
    1x USB cable (to connect the acquisition board to the computer)
    1x power supply unit

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